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DRSpence has had his hand at many ventures, this site is where you can find them all, get in contact with him and his team, and start working on your own success.

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Everyday is different

Although that may seem like an evident statement, it was made all the more clear to me this past weekend. Since I have been working my recovery seriously and getting involved with other addicts, my “normy” friends, and new people my social agenda perpetually fills up. It gets to a point where I get socially […]

I am racist

As much as it disheartens me to admit it, I am racist. Recently in my hometown, there has been a case of police brutality that resulted in the death of a Somali man. He died of the injuries that he incurred while being arrested by the officers.** Consequently, or coincidently, I discovered that there is […]

Web Design – AgogOTT Services

Your website is a very important part of your business, it’s the first impression for every visitor. You want to capture their attention immediately and draw them into the message you’re presenting. Let us design your website to do exactly this. We’re experienced and able to design complete websites from scratch, revamp old sites, or […]

Why Hire a Professional Transcriptionist to Convert Your Dictation or Audio Recordings to Typed Text?

It’s definitely a legitimate question! Why SHOULD someone hire me if they can buy software for dictation and just do it themselves?

Quest for productivity

An evening with a friend with no plans. Plenty to do outside of this “bubble” situation, but nothing else to do in the present moment, but chat, drink tea, and live through moments of silence. This kind of situation would have driven me up the wall a few months ago, and even partly led to […]

Company Aims to Ease ‘Charitable Fatigue’

With the effects of climate change (and don’t you even try to deny it!), and so many recent natural disasters happening around the world, people are being asked for charitable donations like never before. Many of those who wish to help might find the donation process frustrating and confusing, but still wanting to do more. […]