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DRSpence has had his hand at many ventures, this site is where you can find them all, get in contact with him and his team, and start working on your own success.

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Lying to be perfect

So here’s the scoop, the other day at work, I forgot to send an email that I thought I had sent. It turns out that I didn’t, and I fixed it. Then, not ten minutes later, I get told that in that same instance, I forgot to send another email. I got pissed off at […]

Scared of Sports

I have been sick, I have been sad (insert link), I have been eating like shit, and feeling even worse. I feel like I’ve lost control because I can’t sleep at night and feel tired during the day so I try to control everything by means of energy drinks and melatonin. Needless to say it […]

Minor venture into the Discomfort zone

I had a short shift at work today, and boy was I not in the right frame of mind to be there! I sometimes work in a pretty masculine work environment where authority and confidence are necessary to do the job. Today I did not feel like I had any of those things. I hadn’t […]

I went too far and owned up to it

There are some people you have certain relationships with, and all of the lines are blurred on both ends. This is the story about how to deal with things when I’ve gone too far, and I owned up to it because it was the right thing to do. So, I’ve known this girl for years, […]

Depressed, maybe, but grateful

Every so often, and I don’t know why, I can be doing great. I could be making my car payments, paying off my bills, eating alright, getting in some exercise, and all of that good stuff, but I can still be feeling like the biggest piece of garbage on the planet. That’s how I have […]

You can quit smoking just like me! – Video

I quit smoking a while ago now, and this is a video I’ve been thinking about making since then. I was scared to make it because I didn’t want to hurt people, have the video suck, you name it. WHatever excuse you can come up with, I did too, and now that  friend has pushed […]